Hitlan Ltd is a local Internet registrant (LIR), nominated by the regional Internet registrant RIPE Network Coordination Centre.

We provide the allocation and registration of Internet number – IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) and the number of autonomous systems (AS numbers).

If a client wishes to make a direct connection with the RIPE-NCC, it must be registered as LIR.

We offer its mediation services to facilitate the most of their clients in registration of address space and autonomous system.

We as a LIR (Local Internet Registry) declare to RIPE-NCC and provide customer independent resource "IP address space" and "number of autonomous system".

The client can maintain the resulting number of address space or a stand-by agreement with us, another LIR or directly with the RIPE NCC. Using the received address space or autonomous system is not tied to the use of Internet service from us.